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Lindsay Sabik PhD
Associate Professor

Dr. Sabik is a health economist & health services researcher focused on investigating the role of state & federal policies in affecting healthcare access, utilization, & health outcomes among low-income populations, with a particular focus on cancer care.   

Silvia Saccardo PhD
Assistant Professor
Srivatsun Sadagopan PhD
Assistant Professor

Neural mechanisms underlying complex sound perception in health and disease.   

Yoel Sadovsky MD

Our lab focuses on molecular mechanisms underlying placental development and its function in supporting fetal growth and maternal-fetal communication   

Russell Schwartz, PhD
Russell Schwartz PhD
Director - Carnegie Mellon University

I work in the general area of computational biology, with emphasis on computational genetics and the modeling and simulation of biological systems     

Rebecca Seal PhD
Associate Professor

Our work is focused on neural circuits that mediate two neurological conditions: pain and Parkinson’s disease. We are also developing novel therapies to treat these conditions.   

Mark Shlomchik MD, PhD

My lab is interested in the establishment of long term B cell immunity and in pathogenesis of systemic autoimmune diseases and graft vs host disease   

Matthew Smith PhD
Associate Professor

Neurophysiology of visual perception and cognition, computational neuroscience, cortical circuitry, neural population coding   

Thomas Smithgall PhD

Non-receptor protein-tyrosine kinase structure, regulation and signal transduction in cancer, AIDS, and embryonic stem cell biology

Gwendolyn Sowa MD, PhD

Biomarker discovery, beneficial effects of mechanical loading, & implementation in targeted exercise therapies for musculoskeletal conditions     

Richard Steinman MD, PhD
Director - University of Pittsburgh

Mechanisms of white blood cell differentiation & its inhibition in leukemias; Mechanisms of stem cell differentiation & growth control           

Arohan R. Subramanya, MD, FASN
Associate Professor

Our work is focused on the relationship between biomolecular condensates, cytoplasmic crowding, cell fluid volume and size control, and kidney tubule function in health and disease

Robert Sweet MD

Loss and altered plasticity of auditory cortex synapses in schizophrenia; mediators of vulnerability to psychosis in Alzheimer disease.          

Galen Switzer PhD

Psychosocial issues in organ and tissue donation and transplantation.