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Timothy Hand PhD
Assistant Professor

Understand the causes of diseases with disruptions between the immune system and the microbiota, such as Crohn’s Disease and Environmental Enteropathy.          

Graham Hatfull PhD

The Hatfull lab in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh studies the molecular genetics of the mycobacteria and their mycobacteriophages. 

Andrew Hinck PhD

Studying signaling proteins and receptors of the TGF-beta family, deciphering the molecular adaptations that the signaling proteins, single-pass transmembrane receptors, downstream effectors, and multitude of extracellular and intracellular modulators.

Lori Holt PhD

My lab investigates the cognitive and neurobiological bases of how human listeners use sound. This involves study of speech communication, auditory perception, attention, and learning.   

Neil Hukriede PhD

Identify renal progenitor cells, determine their role in patterning the embryonic kidney, and relate these events to kidney regeneration.