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Stephen Badylak DVM, MD, PhD

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, emphasis upon clinical application; cell:biomaterial interactions; epimorphic regeneration in mammals

Christopher Bakkenist PhD

Identify phosphorylations, dephosphorylations and acetylations that regulate ATM activity in vivo. 

Aaron Batista PhD

Neurophysiology of sensory-motor coordination, brain-machine interfaces.          

Marlene Behrmann PhD

Interdisciplinary approach to explore how the signals from the eye are transformed into meaningful percepts by the brain 

Kambez Benam

We apply a multidisciplinary strategy to design and develop biologically and clinically inspired technologies that enable us to elucidate cellular and molecular mechanisms that govern tissue pathology or offer protection during lung and immune injury.

Robert Binder PhD

The mechanisms of cross-priming of antigens during immune responses to cancer, viruses and autoimmunity   

Lisa Borghesi PhD
Associate Professor

Demand adapted hematopoiesis in infection and inflammation.   

Jeffrey Brodsky PhD

Protein “quality control”, diseases associated with misfolded proteins, and drug treatments for these diseases 

Ronald Buckanovich MD, PhD

Tumor microenvironment, Cancer stem cells, novel therapeutics for cancer 

Bunimovich, MD, PhD
Yuri L. Bunimovich, MD, PhD
Associate Professor

Basic and translational investigations of the mechanisms and therapies of skin disease.

Timothy Burns MD, PhD

Development of targeted therapies for KRAS mutant NSCLC; Reactivation of OIS and apoptosis; Mechanisms of acquired resistance to targeted agents