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Joshua Tashman MD, PhD

    Education & Training

  • University of Pittsburgh, MD, 2022
  • Carnegie Mellon University, PhD, 2021
  • Cornell University, BS, 2013
Representative Publications

3D printing of collagen to rebuild components of the heart. - A. Lee*, A. R. Hudson*, D. J. Shiwarski, J. W. Tashman, T. J. Hinton, S. Yerneni, J. Bliley, and Adam W. Feinberg. Science. 365, 6452 (2019); doi: 10.1126/science.aav9051.

Organ-on-e-chip: Three-dimensional self-rolled biosensor array for electrical interrogations of human electrogenic spheroids. - A. Kalmykov, C. Huang, J. Bliley,1 D. J. Shiwarski, J. W. Tashman, A. Abdullah, S. Rastogi, E. Mataev, A. W. Feinberg, K. J. Hsia, T. Cohen-Karni. Science Advances. 5, 8 (2019); doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aax0729.

3D Printed Biaxial Stretcher Compatible with Live Fluorescence Microscopy -  D. J. Shiwarski*, J. W. Tashman *, A. Eaton, G. Apodaca, A. W. Feinberg. HardwareX. 7, e00095 (2020).

Fibronectin-Based Nanomechanical Biosensors to Map 3D Mechanical Strain in Live Cells and Tissues - D. J. Shiwarski*, J. W. Tashman*, A. Tsamis, Malachi Blundon, E. A. Michel, B. McCartney, L. Davidson, and A. W. Feinberg. Nat. Commun. 11 (2020), doi:10.1038/s41467-020-19659-z.

FRESH 3D Bioprinting a Full-Size Model of the Human Heart - E. Mirdamadi, J. W. Tashman, D. J. Shiwarski, R. N. Palchesko, A. W. Feinberg, ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng. 6, 6453–6459 (2020).

3D Bioprinting using UNIversal Orthogonal Network (UNION) Bioinks - S. M. Hull, C. D. Lindsay, L. G. Brunel, D. J. Shiwarski, J. W. Tashman, J. G. Roth, D. Myung, A. W. Feinberg, S. C. Heilshorn. Adv. Funct. Mater. n/a, 2007983.

Transparent Support Bath for Embedded 3D Printing and System for In Process Monitoring.- J.W. Tashman, D. J. Shiwarski, F. Lanni, A. W. Feinberg. U.S. Provisional Patent 63/082621

Emergence of FRESH 3D Printing as a Platform for Advanced Tissue Biofabrication - D. J. Shiwarski, A. R. Hudson, J. W. Tashman, A. W. Feinberg. APL Bioeng. 5, 010904 (2021).

Dynamic Loading of Human Engineered Heart Tissue Improves Contractility and Provokes Cardiac Disease - J. M. Bliley*, M. Vermeer*, R. Duffy, I. Batalov, D. Kramer, J. W. Tashman, D. J. Shiwarski, A. Lee, A. S. Teplenin, L. Volkers, B. Coffin, M. F. Hoes, A. Kalmykov, R. Palchesko, Y. Sun, J. D. H. Jongbloed, N. Bomer, R.. A. de Boer, A. J. H. Suurmeijer, D. A. Pijnappels, M. C. Bolling, P. van der Meer, A. W. Feinberg. Science Translational Medicine. Accepted

A High Performance Open-source Syringe Extruder Optimized for Extrusion and Retraction during FRESH 3D Bioprinting - J. W. Tashman*, D. J. Shiwarski*, A. W. Feinberg. HardwareX. 9, e00170 (2021).

FRESH 3D Bioprinting a Contractile Heart Tube Using Human Stem Cell-Derived Cardiomyocytes - J. M. Bliley, J. W. Tashman, D. J. Shiwarski, M. A. Stang, A. Lee, B. Coffin, A. Behre, A. R. Hudson, A. W. Feinberg. Biofabrication. In Revision

Long-fiber Embedded Hydrogel 3D Printing for Structural Reinforcement - W. Sun, J. W. Tashman, D. J. Shiwarski, A. W. Feinberg, and V. A. Webster-Wood. Submitted to ACS Biomater. Sci. Eng

In Situ Volumetric Imaging and Analysis of FRESH 3D Bioprinted Constructs Using Optical Coherence Tomography - J. W. Tashman*, D. J. Shiwarski*, A. Ruesch, F. Lanni, J. M. Kainerstorfer, A. W. Feinberg. Preprint on bioRxiv Prepared for submission to Science Advances.

A Low-Cost, Open-Source Bioprinter Conversion with the Replistruder 4 - J. W. Tashman*, D. J. Shiwarski*, A.W.Feinberg. Prepared for submission to Scientific Reports.

FRESH Printed Patient-Specific Extracellular Matrix Patches for Volumetric Muscle Loss - A. Behre1*, J. W. Tashman1*, D. J. Shiwarski1, R. Crum2, S. Johnson2, G. Hussey2, S. F. Badylak2, A. W. Feinberg1.3. In Preparation

Understanding the Role of Rheology, Deformability, and Pathing for the 3D Printing of Silicone Prepolymers using Freeform Reversible Embedding - M. A. Stang, J. W. Tashman, D. J.  Shiwarski, H. Yang, L. Yao, A. W. Feinberg. In Preparation

*  indicates co-first authorship


Research Interests

My dissertation work focuses on the application of FRESH 3D bioprinting (using collagen and extracellular matrix) to the engineering and construction of large-scale tissue constructs for use as diagnostic and regenerative treatment tools. In addition to printing these constructs I design and build the majority of the hardware utilized to print them, including the printing platforms, the printing-specific syringe pump extruders, and a wide array of electromechanical experimental apparatus, all of which have been published or are pending publication in open-source hardware journals.

The primary targets of my research are patient-specific tracheal grafts and volumetric muscle loss tissue replacements for the treatment of congenital malformations and trauma, in process assessment and regulation of 3D bioprinting for standardization towards effective clinical translation, and in vitro collagen microfluidic models for use as research models and clinical diagnostic tools. I have orally presented the results from several of these projects at multiple national conferences including BMES, SFB, S3BC, and Biofabrication. In addition to my primary research, I have contributed to a significant body of collaborative research in the fields of biomechanics, biosensing, cardiac tissue engineering, novel bioink synthesis, and synthetic material printing. I have also successfully applied for and received an NIH F30 through the NHLBI for my research on tracheal grafts.

Career Advisor
Keith Cook, PhD
Thesis Advisor
Adam Feinberg, PhD
Biomedical Engineering (CMU)
Dissertation Title

Moving FRESH Towards the Clinic: In-Process Quality Control of Patient-Specific ECM Scaffolds

Graduate Year
Training Start Year