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Jenna Gale PhD

    Education & Training

  • Vassar College, B.A., 2011
  • University of Pittsburgh, PhD, 2023
Representative Publications

Gale, J. R., Hartnett-Scott, K., Ross, M. M., Rosenberg, P. A., & Aizenman, E. (2023). Copper induces neuron-sparing, ferredoxin 1-independent astrocyte toxicity mediated by oxidative stress. Journal of neurochemistry, 10.1111/jnc.15961. Advance online publication.

Hernandez-Espinosa, D. R., Gale, J. R., Scrabis, M. G., & Aizenman, E. (2023). Microglial reprogramming by Hv1 antagonism protects neurons from inflammatory and glutamate toxicity. Journal of neurochemistry, 165(1), 29–54.

Krall, R., Gale, J. R., Ross, M. M., Tzounopoulos, T., & Aizenman, E. (2022). Intracellular zinc signaling influences NMDA receptor function by enhancing the interaction of ZnT1 with GluN2A. Neuroscience letters, 790, 136896.

Gleixner, A. M., Verdone, B. M., Otte, C. G., Anderson, E. N., Ramesh, N., Shapiro, O. R., Gale, J. R., Mauna, J. C., Mann, J. R., Copley, K. E., Daley, E. L., Ortega, J. A., Cicardi, M. E., Kiskinis, E., Kofler, J., Pandey, U. B., Trotti, D., & Donnelly, C. J. (2022). NUP62 localizes to ALS/FTLD pathological assemblies and contributes to TDP-43 insolubility. Nature communications, 13(1), 3380.

Gale, J. R., Gedeon, J. Y., Donnelly, C. J., & Gold, M. S. (2022). Local translation in primary afferents and its contribution to pain. Pain, 163(12), 2302–2314.

Gale, J. R., Kosobucki, G. J., Hartnett-Scott, K. A., & Aizenman, E. (2021). Imprecision in Precision Medicine: Differential Response of a Disease-Linked GluN2A Mutant to NMDA Channel Blockers. Frontiers in pharmacology, 12, 773455.

Liu, H. Y., Gale, J. R., Reynolds, I. J., Weiss, J. H., & Aizenman, E. (2021). The Multifaceted Roles of Zinc in Neuronal Mitochondrial Dysfunction. Biomedicines, 9(5), 489.

Student Year
Career Advisor
Sarah Berman, MD, PhD
Thesis Advisor
Elias Aizenman, PhD
Neuroscience (CNUP)
Dissertation Title

Insights into the mechanism of copper-ionophore mediated toxicity in glial cells.

Training Start Year