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Septic coronary embolism in a deceptive case of presumed isolated tricuspid valve endocarditis in Journal of Cardiac Surgery by Edgar Aranda-Michel

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From the article in Journal of Cardiac Surgery: A 46‐year‐old female presented with native tricuspid valve endocarditis complicated by a stroke with a hemorrhagic component. There was no evidence of intracardiac shunt nor left‐sided valve involvement. Delayed surgery was planned to allow neurologic recovery, however, the patient developed an ST‐elevation myocardial infarction and cardiac arrest from an occluded right posterior ventricular branch of the right coronary artery from a septic embolism. Repeat imaging demonstrated new aortic valve vegetation involving the right coronary cusp. This case highlights a unique sequence of events in a patient initially presenting with presumed isolated tricuspid valve vegetation.

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