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Is Schimmelpenning Syndrome Associated with Intracranial Tumors? A Case Report. by Michael Chiang

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In the article: Schimmelpenning syndrome is a rare, well-defined constellation of clinical phenotypes associated with the presence of nevus sebaceous and multisystem abnormalities most commonly manifested as cerebral, ocular, and skeletal defects. A single nucleotide mutation in the HRAS or KRAS genes resulting in genetic mosaicism is responsible for the clinical manifestations of this syndrome in the majority of cases. We report a case of an adolescent boy with Schimmelpenning syndrome with a multifocal pilocytic astrocytoma. No HRAS or KRAS gene mutations were noted in the tumor on genetic sequencing. However, glial tumors have been associated with genetic mutations of RAS upregulation, which may imply a common pathway.

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