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Neil Carleton, G1

News Description

Research interest / current research work
I work at the intersection of aging & breast cancer and why so many women get large indolent ER+ tumors in elderly age.

Field of clinical interest
Probably medical or surgical oncology.

Undergrad institution
Carnegie Mellon University

Type of News

What are your hobbies?
I love running & cycling - when the weather cooperates, of course. Pittsburgh has some great running spots all around the city. Other than that, I love watching the Penguins (hockey team here in Pittsburgh) and spend a lot of time caring for our new dog, Otis!

Fun fact
Fun fact about me is I am a scuba diver. I’ve been scuba diving all across the world, including Malaysia and Belize. Best spot I’ve ever dove was hands down in Belize - the water was crystal clear and the diversity in species was incredible!

Any pets?
Yes! We (Shohini and I) just got a dog in September. We hopped on the pandemic puppy train. His name is Otis - he’s a little Yorkie/Bichon mix who loves to run around in the snow.