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Jasmine Hect, MS2

News Description

Research interest / current research work
I study functional brain changes across perinatal development and clinical management of pediatric spinal trauma.

Field of clinical interest

Undergrad institution
Wayne State University

Type of News

What are your hobbies?
I love playing guitar, lifting weights, skiing, and playing board games!

Did you do anything after undergrad before starting MSTP?
I took two years off to work as a research assistant and lab manager at the Perinatal Research Branch of the NIH/NICHD/DHHS. I highly recommend taking a gap year (or two!) for any individuals thinking about applying to MD/PhD programs.

What are you involved with at PittMed?
I am an Association of Women Surgeons coordinator, neurosurgery mini-elective TA, winner of the 2019 Dr. Pitt Med pageant ;D, and MS2 curriculum committee representative.

Fun fact
I drive stick shift!

Different career in another life?
I think that I would have loved to go into cinematography or interior design in another life.

Last meal on Earth?
Unpopular opinion: Hawiian pizza