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Eileen Nguyen, G3

News Description

Research interest / current research work
I study how the brain and spinal cord control itch and pain!

Field of clinical interest
Anesthesia (sub-interests: obstetric anesthesia, pain, and addiction medicine)

Undergrad institution

Type of News

What are your hobbies?
Making homemade noodles and pasta, doting on my 2 giant sulcata tortoises, and exploring the natural beauty around Pittsburgh (check out the massive caves at Laurel Caverns!)

Where are you from?
Orange County, California

Last meal on Earth?
Tacos al pastor with extra spicy salsa​

Most impactful experience you’ve ever had?
I’m the first in my immediate+extended family to attend medical school. As the daughter of refugee parents from Vietnam, I have found it rewarding to guide undergrads and high school students aspiring to become physicians and scientists too. Representation is so important and we have so much more work to do!

Are you married?
I married my high-school sweetheart (who is a passionate art-science educator) at the LA Natural History Museum in 2019. Another MSTP student even officiated the wedding!