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Brandon Lehrich, MS1

News Description

Research interest / current research work
The intersection of cancer biology, tumor immunology, and multi-omic data to improve our understanding of the brain tumor microenvironment, use these insights to develop novel pre-clinical models for clinical risk-stratification. 

Field of clinical interest
Neurosurgery or Head and Neck Surgery(ENT)

Undergrad institution
University of California, Irvine

Type of News

What are your hobbies?
In the past year, I got really into cooking/baking (can follow my brownie and cookie adventures @brandonsbrowniez). Being from Southern California, I love watching the LA Lakers, and when the weather is nice here in Pittsburgh, I enjoy exploring all the amazing parks in the city. I also really like playing card/board games, especially Catan.​

What are you involved with at University of Pittsburgh?
I am involved in the Pitt-CMU as the Second Look Committee Co-Chair for 2021 (along with Ru Rashid and Britt Chamberlain). I am also one of the new ENT Interest Group Coordinators and look forward to planning some awesome (hopefully in-person) activities to get students exposed to the field. ​

Last meal on Earth?
I love sushi and would have to pick that, but I do have to admit that Jake Gillis makes amazing cheesy kimchi fried rice.​

3 places you want to travel to?
I love to travel. This is fun to think about since traveling has taken a stall. The top 3 places on my current list would be Australia, Ireland, and Switzerland.​

Different career in another life?

If I was 6 inches taller (and slightly more athletic), I would have attempted professional basketball. I guess this is more a dream than a different career.