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Anna Kirillova, MS1

News Description

Research interest / current research work
I am interested in applying functional genomics to studying how dysfunctions in the cardiovascular system lead to disease

Field of clinical interest

Undergrad institution
University of California, Davis

Type of News

​Where are you from?
I consider the definition of home very fluid. I was born in Moscow, Russia but I spent most of my childhood in New Delhi, India before returning to Moscow at the age of 10, thinking it would be my forever home. Before I knew it, my family decided to move to the Bay Area in California. After spending almost 10 years in the Bay, I moved to Pittsburgh to start the MSTP!​

Fun fact
I am a former competitive figure skater. After starting med school, I re-kindled my passion for ice. I now consistently go to the local ice rink with another MSTP student, Christine Tin, where we try to get back into shape and re-master jumps and spins while trying not to break our ankles. We even briefly considered taking time off to do a professional ice production Disney on Ice (as a joke of course).

Different career in another life?
I wanted to be a botanist growing up, which probably explains the unreasonable number of plants I have at home.​

Biggest passion outside academia?
Advocating for underserved communities that do not have access to healthcare.