Student Committees

MSTP Student Committee Chairs (2 students, G2+)

Liaison between MSTP students and MSTP administration. Advocate on behalf of students to address/resolve problems with the MSTP and maintain interaction with committee chairs to facilitate successful execution of program events and services. Attend monthly meetings with the program directors and administration to discuss current events and issues brought up by students. Peripherally involved in the planning and execution of most MSTP activities and events.

Alumni & Residency Relations (1+ students)

Facilitate post-program career path mentorship with alumni (or soon-to-be alumni). Work with Dr. Steinman to define this role based on the needs and goals of the program each year. The role may include:

  1. Writing an alumni profile for the newsletter
  2. Assisting in planning any alumni panels or talks for the retreat or workshops
  3. Making alumni information available to MS4s as necessary during interviewing

Correspondence Chair (1 student)

Function as a content and layout editor for the MSTP newsletter, which is published biannually (usually mid-Fall and Spring) and distributed to students, alumni, the NIH, undergraduate institutions, and other MSTPs. Complete the fall newsletter by November 1st and the spring newsletter by April 1st. Distribute electronic PDF copies. Responsibilities include: determining feature articles, soliciting photographers and writers, editing articles, collecting recent publications, PhD defenses, births, weddings, etc., and laying out the sections, articles, and images in Microsoft Publisher.

Curriculum Committee (2+ students)

Chairs involved in the School of Medicine (SOM) and MSTP curriculum. SOM curriculum: attend monthly SOM Curriculum Committee meetings as an MSTP representative to discuss changes/improvements to the medical school curriculum and report any developments or policies that would be relevant to MSTP at the committee meetings. MSTP curriculum: work with students and the MSTP administration to develop and improve MSTP courses based on student feedback.

Diversity Chair (1+ students)

Work with the administration to recruit and promote diversity within the MSTP. Travel to recruiting events nationwide to represent the program. Host local events and be a point-to person for interviewees and prospective students.

Ethics & Professionalism Committee (1 student, G2+)

The chair has already taken the MSTP Ethics course. Meet with MSTP course director and ethicist to provide input/design for MSTP ethics course "Ethics for Medical Scientists" for G1 students. Schedule and organize class sessions, solicit speakers for the course, and work with the course directors in order to assure breadth and diversity in session themes. Represent the MSTP at the Honor Council monthly meetings, which focus on issues regarding professionalism and proper conduct, to represent our program and its constituents during Honor Council meetings and to provide another perspective for problems that arise.

Hosting Committee (2+ students)

Organize events for the MSTP applicants who visit our campus for interviews. Organize the happy hour the day before the interview and the dinner the day after the interview, including recruiting current students to attend these events.  Recruit a contact person for each accepted applicant who should email the accepted applicant with congratulations on their acceptance and offer to answer questions about the MSTP, their graduate program (if applicable), the city of Pittsburgh, etc.

Screening Committee (5+ students)

Made up of senior-level students, ideally with prior interviewing experience. Rate and summarize the applicants to decide which students will be given an interview for each round of rolling admissions.

Interviewing Committee Chair (1 student)

Group liaison at committee meetings. Attend every post-interview meeting to discuss applicants.

Interview Committee (10+ students)

Composed of students in their graduate years from various departments and stages of training. Interview applicants during their visits to Pittsburgh at 4:30 pm on interview days (2x/week) from August to December. Rate and summarize the applicants after the half-hour interview on a number of attributes, including research background/knowledge, clinical experience, and interest in Pitt. Meet with the other interviewers afterward and decide on the final rating for the applicants.

Recording Secretary (1 student, MS1)

Attend all committee meetings, record and distribute committee meeting minutes, and assist in committee-related communications. Attend the medical school Student Executive Council meetings (once monthly) to represent the MSTP and report on any relevant upcoming events the MSTP student body may want to attend or collaborate on.

Retreat Committee (2 students)

Work with the MSTP administration to plan, organize, and delegate tasks for the annual retreat. Tasks include: choosing a venue, finding keynote and student speakers, designing the t-shirt, organizing the poster session, planning social activities, collecting abstracts, formatting the rooming list, collecting meal choices, etc. Begin organizing the retreat around November.

Second Look Committee (3+ students)

Work with MSTP administration to facilitate/coordinate activities with the MSTP and graduate schools for prospective MSTP students. Responsibilities include: contacting prospective students, arranging housing for them during Second Look, setting up faculty meetings, choosing venues and meals, planning social activities, informing current students about the Second Look, organizing the Graduation Recognition Dinner, recruiting speakers, and a student panel, etc. Because the MS1 class just went through Second Look themselves, they can be called upon each year by the chairs to serve as the second look committee.

Tech Committee (1 student)

Keep apprised of the evolving technology aspects of both the medical school and MSTP. Be a member of the SEC Tech Committee and attend those meetings at the medical school each month. Help maintain the MSTP listserves (especially the Official MSTP Student email): help members post items, set up surveys, etc. May play an integral role in making suggestions to the administration on the main Pitt MSTP site. 

Welcoming Committee (2+ students)

Hold events for the incoming MS1 class over the first summer. Be involved in planning any needed orientation activities. Serve as a resource as the incoming class begins their first year of medical school.

Women in Science and Medicine Committee (2+ students)

Serve as the MSTP's liaison to the Pitt Med Women in Science and Medicine Association (WSMA), advocating for the professional development-related interests and perspectives of Pitt MD/PhD students. Responsibilities include planning at least two professional development-oriented sessions per year for the Pitt medical and graduate student communities. Men and women are encouraged to run for these positions. Nominees are urged to contact the current WSMA leadership for further information regarding expected duties and time commitment (Maryanna, Gaelen, Amy).

Workshop Committee (2 students)

Set up workshop dates for the year upon election with the help of the MSTP administration (so that rooms can be booked in time). Facilitate planning of each workshop by the assigned class by scheduling an initial planning meeting with the faculty preceptor immediately following the previous month’s workshop. Submit the final seating chart and A/V needs to MSTP administration at least one week prior to the workshop. After each workshop, distribute and collect student evaluations for the session and returns them to Justin. Arrange a yearly planning session for the upcoming year’s workshops, either as a retreat event or as part of the first workshop of the year in September.

Peer Mentorship/House System Chair (1 student)

Formalize the "house" system which would provide opportunities to connect students across all years of the MSTP.

House 1 House 2 House 3
Ugonna Mbaekwe Alexander Chang Josh Garfein
Raouf Belkhir Raouf Belkhir Aniruddh Ajith
Helena Oft Hannah Bumgarner Kenta Yamamoto
Forrest Shooster Andrea Jurado Josef Scheidt
Rabira Tusi Noah Freedman Noah Freedman
Michael Leone Varun Mandi Jack Little
Maria Chroneos Anna Kirillova (Student Coordinator) Brandon Lehrich
Sean Sweat Ankit Sharma Anna Li
Nathalie Chen Ru Rashid Mona Chatrizeh
Isabel Bleimeister Jacob Gillis Jie Bin Lu
Olivia Parks (Student Coordinator) Christine Tin (Student Coordinator) Marisa Millenson (Student Coordinator)
Talia Adi Hannah Butterfield (Student Coordinator) Kailyn Faye
Brittany Chamberlain Jessica Medrano Donald Bourne
Kevin Dowling (Student Coordinator) Geyon Garcia Joseph Maggiore
Jasmine Hect Eric Weiss Gabrielle Gilmer
Chris Cover Andrew Liu Justin Sui
Shruti Nanivadekar Neil Carleton Brittany Egnot
Deepa Issar Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary Raphael J Crum
Grace Conway (Student Coordinator) Anne Wondisford Yong Joon Kim
Jenna Gale Hector Nieves-Rosado Megan Yates
Amy Sentis Victoria Heinrich Alex Layden
Maxwell Wang BaDoi Phan Paolo Vignali
Alex Schuyler Philip Mannes Wes Brown (Student Coordinator)
Rahilla Tarfa Amir Mina Laura Molina
Ruby Holland Jorna Sojati Joshua Tashman
Sam Dienel Alison Butler Miranda Culley
Michael Granovetter Maryanna Owoc Joshua Wesalo
Bryan Hurtle Heejae Kang  
Eileen Nguyen Tolani Olonisakin  
Hillary Wehry    

Faculty Mentors

Melanie Grubisha Elizabeth Oczypok Amir Faraji
David Levinthal Kenneth Urish Anna Zemke

2021-2022 Student Leadership

Committee Chairperson(s) Representatives
Student Committee Neil Carleton & Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary  
Alumni Relations and Residency Committee Alexander Chang  
Curriculum Committee  Michael Granovetter, Britt Chamberlain (co-chair) and Jasmine Hect (co-chair) Alexander Chang, Nathalie Chen, Michael Leone, & Varun Mandi
Diversity Committee Jessica Medrano, Ugonna Mbaekwe Christine Tin
Ethics and Professionalism Committee Christopher Cover  
Hosting Committee  Hannah Bumgarner and Noah Freedman  
Interviewing Committee Christine Tin Kevin Dowling, BaDoi Phan, Raphael Crum, Marisa Millenson, Jeff Kim, Britt Chamberlain, Christopher Cover, Christine Tin, Talia Adi, Hector Nieves, Megan Yates, Donald Bourne, Jessica Medrano
Screening Committee Jenna Gale, Neil Carleton, Victoria Heinrich, Ananya Mukundan, Amy Sentis, Britt Chamberlain, Sam Dienel  
Recording Secretary TBN  
Peer Mentorship Committee Kevin Dowling and Shohini Ghosh-Choudhary  
House Chairs: House1/Fuller House: Kevin Dowling and Grace Conway House 2/ Menten House: Hannah Butterfield, Anna Krillikova, and Christine Tin

House 3/ Caroline House:

Marisa Millenson and Wes Brown

Retreat Committee Grace Conway, Jeff Kim, and Philip Mannes  
SARC Manual Committee Forrest Shooster  
Social Media/Tech Committee Neil Carleton and Ugonna Mbaekwe  
Second Look Committee Andrea Jurado and Aniruddh (Anu) Ajith  
Student Health Advocacy Resource Program (SHARP) Representatives Britt Chamberlain and Jenna Gale  
Welcome Committee Forrest Shooster, Ugonna Mbaekwe, and Livianna Myklebust  
Workshop Committee Britt Egnot and Gabby Gilmer Kevin Dowling, Hannah Butterfield, TBD
WSMA Jorna Sojati, Christine Tin, Britt Chamberlain, and Livianna Myklebust