Summer Undergraduate Research Program for Underrepresented Students (SURPUS)

The Pittsburgh MSTP offers a 10-week summer research and professional development program for underrepresented students in the field of biomedical sciences who are interested in careers as physician scientists. The program is designed for students in their freshman, sophomore or junior years of college.

Students receive intensive research laboratory experience and abundant mentorship. Every effort is made to match participating students with biomedical researchers in a variety of areas including, but not limited to: Medical Robotics, Transplantation Immunology, Neuroscience, Biomedical Informatics, and many more. Each student is also paired with a current MSTP student.

In addition, students participate in a variety of career development programs, scientific seminars, and specific career enhancement opportunities including preparation for national examinations. By the end of the summer, students are in a position to create a research poster for final presentation in Pittsburgh as well as at a national conference. Social activities are included in the program to help build a network of peers with similar career paths.

Students receive a stipend of $4,300 for the ten-week period plus round trip airfare to/from Pittsburgh. This stipend provides students with a comfortable budget to live in Pittsburgh. All students must have medical insurance for the duration of the program, and because they will be working with human materials, are encouraged to be vaccinated for hepatitis B.

The program is for U.S. citizens and permanent residents, and is limited to underrepresented students in the field of biomedical sciences who are interested in careers as physician sciences. The application includes a personal statement, transcript and 2 letters of recommendation each including a coversheet. Application materials are available online at

Application Deadline: February 15

For more information and application, please contact:
University of Pittsburgh, MSTP
526 Scaife Hall, 3550 Terrace Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261

Telephone: (412) 648-2324
Fax: (412) 648-2185
Web site: