Gaelen Dwyer, PhD

Education & Training

  • University of Alaska (Anchorage), BA, 2012
  • University of Pittsburgh, PhD, 2021

Representative Publications

Dwyer, G.K., Mathews, L.R., Lucas, A., Gonzalez de Peredo, A., Blazar, B.R., Girard, J.P., Shlomchik, W., Poholek, A., Turnquist, H.R. (2021). IL-33 acts as a novel costimulatory agent to generate alloreactive Type 1 T helper cells. J Clin Invest. (In revision)

Bartolacci, J.G., Behun, M., Warunek, J.J.P., Li, T., Sahu, A., Dwyer, G.K., Lucas, A., Ambrosio, F., Turnquist, H.R., and Badylak, S.F. (2021). Matrix-Bound Nanovesicle-associated IL-33 Supports Functional Recovery After Skeletal Muscle Injury by Initiating a Pro-Regenerative Macrophage Phenotypic Transition. Nature Regenerative Medicine. (In revision)

Li, T.*, Zhang, Z.*, Bartolacci, J.G., Dwyer, G.K., Liu, Q., Mathews, L.R., Velayutham, M., Roessing, A.S., Lee, Y.C., Dai, H., Shiva, S., Oberbarnscheidt, M.H., Dziki, J.L., Mullet, S.J., Wendell, S.G., Wilkinson, J.D., Webber, S.A., Wood-Trageser, M., Watkins, S.C., Demetris, A.J., Hussey, G.S., Badylak, S.F., Turnquist, H.R. (2020). Graft IL-33 regulates infiltrating macrophages to protect against chronic rejection. J Clin Invest. *Co-first authors

Liu, Q.*, Dwyer, G.K.*, Zhao, Y., Huihua L., Mathews, L.R., Chakka, A.B., Chandran, U.R., Thomson, A.W., Fan, M., Billiar, T.R., and Turnquist, H.R. (2019). IL-33-mediated IL-13 secretion by ST2+ Treg controls inflammation after lung injury. JCI Insight. *Co-first authors, equally contributed to this work.

Research Grants

F30 AI147437 Defining the IL-33 signaling networks in allogeneic T cells that mediate graft disease PI: Dwyer

Chateaubriand Fellowship 2018 - 2019

Student Year


Career Advisor

JoAnne Flynn, PhD

Thesis Advisor

Heath Turnquist, PhD

Graduate Program

Dissertation Title

Mechanisms underlying IL-33-driven T cell responses in alloimmunity and mucosal injury



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