Colleen Judge-Golden is featured in the ICRE Spotlight!

The Institute for Clinical Research Education is highlighting Colleen Judge-Golden's work.  The article explains why Colleen has chosen to get a Ph.D. in Clinical and Translational Science Program: "She had begun to think about how much greater an impact the circumstances of people’s lives outside the hospital can have on the course of their treatment, far beyond what health professionals are able to accomplish during a short appointment in a clinic. She switched her focus to the area of women’s health, where she found a “perfect” mentor in Dr. Sonya Borrero, with whom she has since collaborated on two research projects studying contraceptive access and disparities."


"Judge says she’s already benefited from several components of the Ph.D. training in the ICRE, including a firm foundation in statistics, training in different types of research studies and methodologies, and knowledge gained from courses like Intro to Disparities in Health Care and Survey Design & Data Analysis. Additionally, the writing and defense of an R01-style grant proposal allowed her to explore her growing interest in psychometrics: she proposed the development of a new, person-centered measure of “post-conception pregnancy acceptability” that may be able to replace or augment traditional, timing-based metrics of pregnancy intendedness."


Congratulations to Colleen!